How many pizza places aren’t open in the morning?

Business Math, Ch. 21

Flattening cash flow on a micro level

I had forgotten that I noticed a new concept when I was out in Denver over the Christmas holidays.  The Denver Biscuit Company, Fat Sully’s, and the Atomic Cowboy all share space in a single restaurant space.  The Denver Biscuit Company operates in the morning, then Fat Sully’s (a pizza restaurant) serves during the day, then in the evening, the same venue becomes The Atomic Cowboy (a bar).


I thought this idea was ingenious!  How many breakfast specialty restaurants do great in the mornings, but close at midday?  How many pizza places aren’t open in the morning?  How many bars are idle until the evening?  I think this is a great concept for flattening cash flow on a micro level – a 24 hour period! I could see how there might be kinks in the system if these restaurants were owned by different people.  Who would be in the kitchen at what time?  As it is, they were making pizza dough while they were serving biscuits, so either they are very organized with their kitchen space agreement, or perhaps all three restaurants are operated by the same owner.


Here’s a link so you can see what the place looks like:


It was super crowded and the breakfast patrons didn’t seem to mind a bit that there were pool tables in the restaurant. The kids found it very entertaining while we waited for 45 minutes for a seat.



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