How might you expect to address such legal issues and requirements in your work with elder adult populations?

For this Assignment, you will evaluate a case study.

Please Please read the Description carefully. I have attached the transcripts to the case study

Explain how you would work with Catherine by addressing the following areas:
1. Research the chances of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as an elderly adult. Explain the numerical data from at least three different studies that support your findings as outlined below. Find at least three studies that discuss Alzheimer’s Disease and that include a table or graph of data that displays the percentages or numerical differences in being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in regards to variations of age, gender, and/or race. Explain the differences of the data from each of the three studies. You should compare the averages among different categories within each study being sure to cite each study using APA in-text citation and reference format.
How would you explain this to Catherine and her family?
2. Investigate the legal challenges of working with elder adult clients. What are the main legal issues associated with working with this population? Describe and discuss the reporting laws in your state. How might you expect to address such legal issues and requirements in your work with elder adult populations?
3. What are the ethical and legal implications of this case study? What roles does informed consent play in this case? What are your concerns? How will you address these implications in working with Catherine?
4. What, if any, mandatory reporting challenges do you see?
5. How might you assess and evaluate Catherine’s needs at this time? Incorporate any diagnostic guidelines from a professional organization that may help you to diagnosis Catherine and determine your legal obligations on her behalf.
6. As Catherine’s counselor, how might you direct therapy from this point forward?
Please be sure to actively introduce Catherine’s case study in your paper. You should include specifics of Catherine’s case in illustrating your understanding and research of our topic.
Your Unit 4 Assignment should be presented in the form of a well-written university level document. The body of the paper should be 3-5 pages (5-7 pages with title and references pages), double-spaced, and created in Times New Roman 12-point font. All work should be in your own words with quotes used very sparingly. Please be sure to answer every question within the body of your paper, including at least two references in support of your observations and conclusions using proper APA citation and reference formatting.

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