How was the data analyzed?

Identifying levels of measurement is critical in planning and conducting a research study. When thinking about statistical analysis, it is important to remember that it is the scale of measurement that largely determines the type of statistical test that can be used.

Use one of the studies selected for the literature review assignment or another peer reviewed research study related to health and identify the following:

1)  Research hypothesis (Be sure you are using a quantitative research study)

2)  Identify the independent and dependent variables

3)  State the level of measurement for the independent and dependent variable (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio) with an example

4)  How was the data analyzed? What statistical tests were used?  Level of significance?

5)  Discuss the strengths and limitations of the study, focusing on the threats or strengths related to internal and external validity

6)  Post the reference for the study in the APA format.


125-200 words; 25 words or less of directly quoted material. The response should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic, including critical analysis and references.



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