How would you be able to avoid any change in your culture?

for Researcher_D only

I want you to write two different assignments both assignments Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced.  Please use the rubric below as a guide in crafting a college-level paper. 10$ for each page


The first assignment essay total paper should be no less than two pages.((NO REFERENCES)) Due in Saturday at noon FEB 13, 2016 ((20$ two page))


Essay two page answering the two questions about ((1-Would it be possible today to live in a totally separate culture in the United State? could you avoid all influences from the mainstream popular culture or from the values and norms of other cultures? How would you be able to avoid any change in your culture? .2- Do fads and fashions reflect and reinforce or challenge and change the values and norms of a society? Consider a wide variety of fads and fashions: musical styles; computer and video games and other technologies; literature; and political, social, and religious ideas))


The second assignment research total paper should be no less than six pages including the references page. ((AT LESS FIVE SOURCES ))  Due Sunday at noon FEB 14, 2016 (( 50$ six-page include the reference page))


Research six-page about ((Union County at Tennessee United state of America))  



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