How you analyzed the information gathered.

Here are the steps in preparing the final report:

  1. Make recommended revisions to the preliminary report completed in Week 4, and prepare it for inclusion in the final (Key Assignment) report. That preliminary report information will be used in the first 2 sections described below.
  2. Complete your analysis of the data for inclusion in the final report. The following information must be included in this section of the final report:
    • For customers: a) gender; b) age; c) frequency of shopping at the store (you name it); past purchases of the product (you name it); d) purchases of the product in the last month; e) perceptions of why product sales have decreased; and f) what would encourage the costumer to begin purchasing the product again
    • For store employees: a) gender; b) age; c) length of employment; d) perceptions of why the product sales have decreased; and e) recommendations of what the company can do to increase sales
  3. Complete the final report. The final report will include the following sections:
    • Introduction: In this section, you will describe the background of the study (the company, the product, the issues that prompted the study) and why you completed this study. Included here is a description of what is already known about the research question (in formal research, this is referred to as the literature review).
    • The methodology: In this section, you will describe how you completed the study (how you selected the sample, how you protected participants from any risks of participation, how you surveyed the participants, along with the questions you asked) and how you analyzed the information gathered.
    • Results: In this section, report the demographics of the participants and results from the surveys (Data results from step 2).
    • Conclusion: In this section, summarize the results of the data, along with your interpretation of that data, and answer the original question of why sales have decreased.
    • Recommendations: In this section, write up your recommendations about what the company should do to resolve the issue.

This report should include 8–10 references (the text can be used as one of these). Follow APA guidelines

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