I would like you to make a summary of my result on these categories.

Module Course Name : Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health

Check the CourseWork Guideline what you need to add on contents page.

I have attached the Power Point Brief it explains everything

I have analyzed my daily dietary and I have the copy of these reports results. I would like you to make a summary of my result on these categories;

Chemical analysis needs to be conducted on dry matter

Protein – Kjeldahl technique
Fat – Soxtec method
Energy – bomb calorimeter

We need add ‘SPSS’ Charts. 3-4 is gonna be enough.

you need to add those Charts in order to the my result that I will be uploading by the end of tomorrow.

Report has to be on

* Accounts for 50% of overall marks for the module

* Expected to write up as a scientific report

*Approximately 2000 words

*Reference list in module book

Structure of the report

Contents Page
Abstract – (250 words)

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