Identify, manage and transfer risks associated to the project.

he goal of the project is to finance a tram project in Asia (overview of the project in the document “tram project 1”. A diagram on the various parties involved and the contractual and financial links between them as already been build + a draft of two possible business models for the project (see the document “first part of the work”). The writer must now: 1/ build a financial model for the project financing by creating an excel sheet (use the example excel sheet provided and replace the data by data relevant to the project) 2/ identify, manage and transfer risks associated to the project 3/ negotiate terms and conditions of the documentation

The order is made of three parts. The first part is to fill an excel sheet and the two other are to redact on a word document.
I would like the writer to send me part 1 and wait for my approval before he starts with part 2 and so on

My order is made ofthree parts, and i would like the first part to be sent as soon as possible, and then the second and then the third. all this within thedeadline ofone week. I hope it won’t be a problem, best regards,

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