Identify the primary conversion goal for the company’s main website.

During the first few weeks, you have laid out the Google Analytics platform and campaign goals for the apparel company’s website. Now, for your fourth assignment task, you will need to lay out the marketing funnel and conversion strategy.

For Week 3, you chose one goal. For this week, you will complete the entire funnel by completing the following in Microsoft PowerPoint format:

  • Identify the primary conversion goal for the company’s main website.
  • Identify the secondary conversion goals for the same site.
  • Lay out what stage of the marketing funnel each conversion goal resides in.
  • Produce a strategic blueprint, detailing how you will get users to and through each of the following stages of the marketing funnel. You must provide at least three unique tactics for each stage:
    • Generate Site Traffic
    • Engage New Users
    • Convert New Users
    • Preserve Current Customers

Create a presentation with highlights on the slides and detailed explanation of each slide’s content in the speaker’s notes area.


Ensure the following:

  • Your assignment should be 10 slides long.
  • Use proper MLA formatting.
  • Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  • Name your document AI_ADVA407_W4_A2_Lastname_Firstinitial.ppt.
  • Submit the document to the W4 Assignment 2 Dropbox by Saturday, February 6, 2016.

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