If you have them, in the Online Office. Everyone will benefit.

Your answers should show your awareness of the readings for the week, the course information, my commentary, and the discussion.


For Part I, Answer the 3 questions in the box provided for each.

For Part II, attach the paper. Use MS Word or GoogleDocs. Do not send PDF files. Call your file LastName, Assn1, and attach it as per the instructions.

Question 1 of 6 Score: 1 (of possible 5 points)
Choose a discussion post from the Discussion for Week 1 which helped you understand one of the stories. Copy/paste it, indicating context and topic, and say why it contributed to your understanding.

Question 2 of 6
True or false. Explain your answer with reference to the “Commentary” for Week 1.
–An autobiography is a true story, while fiction is not true.

Question 3 of 6
True or false. Explain your answer with reference to the Commentary for Week 1.
–In a literature class, a story can mean anything you want it to mean.

Question 4 of 6
Here’s something I wrote. Did I plagiarize?

Question 5 of 6
Choose an important similarity among the 3 short stories we studied this week.

In an introductory paragraph, say what similarity you will focus on and why.

Then in the body of your paper show that similarity, quoting correctly at least once from each story. You may also bring up important differences if it will help you to make your point.

In your conclusion comment on the importance of what you have said.


When I grade your papers I will be considering these aspects:

Organization: as above.

Clarity: I should be able to understand you. You should not confuse or mystify me. Remember that I cannot read your mind.

Quotation: Your paper must contain at least 3 quotations, 1 from each story, chosen as support for the point(s) you’re trying to make. These quotations should be correctly done, in context, and demonstrate that you are accurate in your reading of the texts. For more about quoting, go to this link. Or this link

Proofreading and format: The paper should show that you have a command of the customs and conventions of written English.

All papers should be proofread, spell-checked, with your name in the upper left corner, and a title.

At the end of your paper, include a Works Cited list in MLA format.

Use of Sources: You do not have to use any other sources in the paper but the assigned texts and your own thoughts. But if you do use other sources, you must indicate them; when the wording is not your own, you must use quotation marks and cite your sources. Click here for more information: Documenting Internet Sources. Failure to cite sources is plagiarism; this will sink the paper.

Questions: ask questions, if you have them, in the Online Office. Everyone will benefit.

In the short story “Reunion,” Charlie feels that his father is his flesh and blood, his future and his doom. He knows that when he is grown he will be something like his father. He tells us: “I would have to plan my campaigns within his limitations”(Cheever).

Question 6 of 6 Score: 0 (of possible 0 points)
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