In this approximately three-six-page section, you present the different facts that you collected regarding your Aztec philosophical issue(s) selected over time and space.

I have a 6 page research paper. It can be on any topic related to the Aztecs. Basically in this paper, I have to introduce myself (which I wrote already), decribe sources and methods that I ussed to do this research (such as books, documents, converstions, videos, online sources), show facts that I found during the research, analyze whether the facts are good or bad, and tell what’s the importance of the things that I found and how it can be beneficial/significant for myself and for others. And I also need a works cited page.


And here is the guideline by my professor:


I.   My Introduction of Self and Research Issue(s)

(The final version of this section should be from approximately half-page in length, when typed and doubled-spaced.  The first draft can be more than a page)

Introduce yourself in first paragraph(s).  Start with something important to your identities such as your personal or family name; geography of origin — where you were born and/or your geography of orientation — where you live now; your socioeconomic class of origin and/or orientation; your gender or origin and/or gender of orientation; your “ethno race” of origin and/or orientation; your “nationality” of origin and/or orientation; your present occupation and/or your future profession, why you are studying Mexica philosophy and what initially interests you most about it as an intellectual phenomena, and why.

In the next paragraph(s), first present each of your research interests in question – for example:  What were/are some of my most salient primary and/or secondary language learning and/or blending experiences (“typical,” or “extraordinary”)?  What were/are some of the “bridges” or “barriers” encountered when acculturating my first language and/or acculturating and/or transculturating additional languages?   Then give at least one good reason why you are researching this issue or set of selected issues.


II.  Models & Methods Sections 1st Draft

(This section of your research report could be from a half-to-whole page typed doubled-spaced in length)

In the first paragraph(s), start by stating how (if) you are using my Chicano/Latino/Ethnic Studies Paradigm in your research report to be: (A) critical of the dominant in your Analysis & Assessment section; (B) concerned with those you identify as being among your community’s most needy, drawing at least three implications for them in your concluding section; (C) holistic in your use of at least three different methods (i.e., documentation, participant observation, conversation, and recollection) & models (Cuellar’s MHSM 1 & 2) to collect and construct the facts you found regarding the issues you are researching; and (d) reflexive in your use of the first/third person positions/perspectives to narrate and negotiate both your insider/outsider dilemmas/resolutions.   Then introduce other specific models that you are using to better analyze and assess the facts and the patterns among them found in your required and other readings on Aztec philosophy.

In your second paragraph, you identify and briefly detail each of the at least three different methods you use (e.g., three or more documents—books, videos, photos, recordings, etc.; three or more conversations with significant others; three or more participant observations of current events; three or more recollections of past experiences) to collect and analyze the facts you found regarding your Aztec philosophy concerns.


III. Research Results

In this approximately three-six-page section, you present the different facts that you collected regarding your Aztec philosophical issue(s) selected over time and space.   You can start the first paragraph by identifying the area(s) of Aztec philosophy that you are researching, followed by one or more reasons for your selection of each.

You can structure your facts by describing three significant events or experiences in you life that illustrate each (approximately one-two page per issue). The first page could describe three significant enculturation experiences for you and your two colleagues.  The second page of research findings could describe your significant acculturation/deculturation/reculturation experiences; and the third page could describe your transculturation experiences in more recent times.

IV.  Analysis and Assessment

In the first paragraph(s) you analyze or examine the patterns evident in your research findings regarding Aztec philosophy.  Here you should discuss at least three similarities and/or differences, and/or changes and continuities, and/or causes and consequences that you found.

In the next paragraph(s) you evaluate your Aztec philosophy research results and the patterns found among them, in terms of what you assess to be either positives and/or negatives, gains and/or losses, etc.

V.  Implications and Conclusion

In the first paragraph(s) of this section you discuss what you found to be personally very significant, meaningful and/or important as a result of doing this research on Aztec philosophy.

In the next paragraph(s) you discuss what you found very significant, meaningful and/or important as a result of doing this research on Aztec philosophy, especially for those that you identified as being among those in greater need.

Finally, close with a great quote that you find best concludes your report.


VI.  References Cited (use either MLA or APA format – be style consistent throughout)

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