In what ways might a former slave identify with Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce?

History voice of freedom

In the Voices of Freedom section of Chapter Sixteen, there are two speeches: one by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians, the other by labor leader Ira Steward.

After reading Chapter Sixteen, especially “Voices of Freedom”,  answer the following questions in a three-paragraph response:

1) In what ways might a former slave identify with Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce? (First Paragraph)

2) In what ways might the same former slave relate to Ira Steward? (Second Paragraph)

3) Ira Steward called on “the workers of the whole civilized world, to join hands with the laborers of the United States” (Foner 605). Does this call to action differ from the idea of “Liberty of Contract” (Foner 617)? How?  (Third Paragraph)

Please cite three examples from Chief Joseph’s speech and connect them to three examples from Chapter Fifteen for the first question, three examples from Ira Steward’s speech and connect them with three examples from Chapter Fifteen to support your answer to the second question, and make a direct comparison between Steward’s statement above and the description of “Liberty of Contract” from Chapter Sixteen to support your answer to the third question. When citing the textbook, make sure to use parenthetical citation.

You must also comment on the response answers of at least two other classmates. Make sure your comments are at least a sentence or two, citing specific areas of that students response. Don’t just say “Yes” or “I agree.”

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