Make a firm argument by using proper language to support it.

Final Exam is a 5 page researched Argument Paper Minimum 1,250 words – Maximum 1,500 words 200 Points Due by Thursday, December 10 by 11:55pm 5 page argument paper on topic and thesis submitted the week prior Word count should be minimum of 1,250 words and maximum of 1,500 words MLA style required for formatting, in-text citations, and Works Cited list Opening, body and concluding paragraphs per course and text guidelines Minimum of 5 sources required *** Sources in paper must be in Works Cited list, and all entries in Works Cited list must be in paper. Sources should be used equally throughout the paper; the paper should not be written from one or two sources only. You must use your prior 3 sources and may add 2 of your choice. Counter Argument should be recognized Purpose is to persuade Audience is professor Grading Three paragraph essays will receive a 0 for grade. Papers not on submitted topic will receive 0 for grade. No late papers accepted. MLA errors can receive up to a grade deduction. Paragraphs that do not stay on topic, that run-on, or that do not have a purpose may receive a grade deduction. Insufficient paper length may receive grade deduction. Grammar errors that inhibit comprehension of the paper, may receive a grade deduction. Papers that do not make an argument will receive a minimum of 2 grade deduction. Language that does not comply with a persuasive paper may receive a grade deduction. For example, do not say “possibly” or “could be this or could be that” as you are making a specific argument that complies with your position. Make a firm argument by using proper language to support it.

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