Masturbation is addicting:

Masturbation is addicting: This is a term paper for my Human Sexuality class. I have to pick a topic and argue a point. I chose to argue that “masturbation IS addicting”. It is supposed to be approximately 5 pages long.
I’d like the introduction to begin with an eye-opening fact or thought. Also please include 3, 4, or 5 specific aspects as to why masturbation is addicting, in the introduction, that will become the topics for each of the body paragraphs. Lastly, make the thesis clear and definite.
I’d like the first aspect to touch open some of the origins of masturbation and what it was used for, giving background on the topic and supporting that it is addicting.
For the other body paragraphs, please argue that masturbation becomes people’s top priority in life, stopping them from doing other more social things and productive activities, therefore proving it is an uncontrollable addiction.
Include the idea that people don’t even realize that they are addicted once it becomes a regular habit.
Please include statistics from creditable polls and surveys about when people (both male and female) masturbated for their first time, and how often they do it.
Also include testimonials from people whom have admitted that they are addicted to masturbating.
Conclude the essay in an interesting way, ultimately making people scared of getting addicted to masturbating.

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