My evaluation is based on your report and the online account information.

Stock Simulation Portfolio Project:
One of the best ways to learn about investing is to actually invest. You will create and manage your own simulated investment portfolio using Investopedia. You will each do this individually. The last day of trading in your account is Wednesday December 2. Your report should be posted on BlackBoard before midnight, Sunday December 6. My evaluation is based on your report and the online account information. The report should be typed, single-spaced and no more than two to three pages in length, and should include the following five headings:

1.Objective: Your selected portfolio objective from the list below.
2.Ending Portfolio: A table describing your ending portfolio. The table should include each stock name (and ticker), number of shares, price, and market value of each position and total value of the portfolio.
3.Security selection: An explanation of how securities were selected, with one concrete example.
4.Successes and failures: A description of your greatest success and greatest failure.
5.Lessons learned: Explain any lessons learned.

You must sign up for one of these portfolio objectives:
A.S&P 500 index fund. Your objective is to track the returns for this index. You should buy a portfolio of stocks that minimizes tracking error without buying ETFs, mutual funds, options, or futures. Cash should be minimized and margin is not used.
B.Large cap actively managed fund. You should buy stocks that are in the S&P 500 index and maintain a risk level similar to the index, but actively try to beat the index’s return.
C.Technology fund. Invest in stocks in the information technology and telecommunications sectors.
D.Aggressive stock fund. This is a maximum risk, maximum return strategy that will pursue high returns regardless of the risks.

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