Need help with Statistics homework on website Statcrunch (I have also a sample paper and instructions, good for reference use)

Hello, I need this assignment 100% pliagarism free by next tuesday. I have step by step instructions, as well as a sample paper by a student that already answered it.

Also, you need to have a statcruch account, which costs 14 usd for 6 months, however, with the 90 USD that I am offering, that will INCLUDE the fee that you need to pay at statcrunch, that is why I am paying a high price.


Question do not have to be answered like a novel, to the point, but good and precise answers. Also, in most answers that you get on statcrunch, like graphs and diagrams, you need to COPY paste that into the word document that you are using, please see the reference sample paper of a previous student in one of the two attachments.

Again, work needs to be pliagarism free, no coursehero, Chegg, etc. I will check.

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