Order 58952: Examine the development of the notion of government by social contract in the writings of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau. What did Locke find wrong in Hobbes’ account, Rousseau find objectionable in Locke’s theory, and what problems remain in Rousseau’s social.

Write a 10-12 page (double-spaced) paper in which you reflect on the relevance of the works of the political philosophers to current events on any topic covered in this course. The paper should include both a discussion of the thought of at least two of the philosophers covered in the course as well as your own thoughtful reflection. Students are require to have a minimum of 8 sources for the assignment. Second, the paper should contain a brief description (briefly mention the authors and the selected works) of the selected philosophers. Third, the paper should contain a detailed description of at least three components of the works of the two selected philosophers. The rest of the paper will address questions as contained in the paper topics below


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