Organisational learning capability has a positive influence on information and knowledge sharing.

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I just want to mention that today I have received the dissertation proposal mark which was pass and the tutor mentioned some comments to be considered during the dissertation preparation.
I am sending this email to start to be in touch with you for the coming tasks as which I will have very short time to do it, I have attached the approved proposal including the comments which will be the main guide to follow in order to complete the dissertation.
Below is the breakdown of the dissertation with number of words of each part and also I hope to get your advice for website that I can use to do the survey.
1. Introduction 10 % (1500 Words)
2. Literature Review 30 % (4500 Words)
• The theoretical framework (30% 1350 Words)
• The empirical findings (70% 3150 Words)
3. Data and Methods 10 % (1500 Words)
4. Analysis and Results 30 % (4500 Words)
5. Discussion and Conclusions 20 % (3000 Words)
Total dissertation 15000 words
I will need your support to guide me step by step till we finish the dissertation as deadline to submit will be end of Jan 2016 in order to allow for printing and sending the hard copy.
I am not sure as per proposal feedback if we need to have Hypothesis or not. If needed below is suggestion:
H1-Integration capability has a positive influence on organisational learning capability
H2-Organisational learning capability has a positive influence on information and knowledge sharing.
H3- information and knowledge sharing has a positive influence on working capital management
H4-Working capital improvement has positive impact on company value
H5- Integration capability has positive impact on cost control in logistics
H6- Information and knowledge sharing has a positive influence on cost control logistics
Which need to be linked to the research question and also need to be reflected in the survey questioner
For some tasks that I can prepare draft for your support to improve it I will do it and send to you but if I will not be able to do any draft for others task I will appreciate your support to do it from scratch in case I can’t do.
As before I hope the work will be in very simple wording and easy analyses. If you found any of my work need to be change please do it.
The current task is preparing the survey questioner and send to targeted sample (survey period should start 1 Dec. and end 15 Dec.), so collection and data analyses will be after 15 Dec.
During the survey until I get the responds, I will try to start writing literature review, then follow the schedule that mentioned in the approved proposal but with shorter timeframe.
Kindly find attached:
• Approved proposal with comments.
• Draft for survey questioner for your support to be completed and improved by end of November in order to start the survey.

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