Overall, does your pathway require energy or release energy?

Answer questions below about the metabolic map and additional resources(textbook ‘General, Organic and Biochemistry’ eighth edition and the internet. The number of sources do not matter. Questions just need to be answered from the sources that have the answer. Some questions may be easir to anser than others, but it also depends a lot on a particular pathway that is assigned. Gluconeogenesis was assigned to us. Youi should decide which questions are pertinent and most applicable to the assigned pathway.

Your paper should cover the following:

1) Where your pathway located in the cell and what is the main purpose of your pathway
2) Identification of your pathway as either linear, branched, cyclic or spinal
3)How your pathway fits into the overall scheme of metabolism.
4)The class of biomolecuses involved in your pathway (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids or nucleic acids.
5)Where your pathway might be located in an overall map of metabolism
6) Identification of your pathway as anabolic or catabolic.
7) Overall, does your pathway require energy or release energy?
8)Identification of the reactants, key intermediates, and final products in your pathway.
9)Identification of any acidic basic or fundamental groups in each of the reactants, key intermediates, and final products. Are they shown adjusted to pH 7.4? If not, how do u adjust them?
10) Identify any steps which involve phosphorylation/dephosphorylation reactions.
11) Identify any steps which involve hydration/dehydration reactons.
12)Identify any steps which involve hydrolysis reactions.
13) Identify any coupled reactions and what processes are coupled together. a)ocideation/reduction reactions: determine what is being oxidized and what is being reduced b) energy transfer: determine which is exergonic and which is endergonic.

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