Science or environmental article for Scientific American or some other online journal.

Please choose any piece of writing in the sciences that is interesting to you. I want you to become a �temporary� subject matter expert, in that you will read, define, and explore a current topic in the science or environmental industry. You must do the research and learn the relevant arguments, vocabulary, actors, settings etc.

How will this be used? Where will this be published? You may choose your audience for this piece (lay or expert) but you must tell us who the audience is and how you have made specific adaptations for this group [you must include this audience analysis paragraph]

You could decide to write:

1-a science or environmental article for Scientific American or some other online journal
2-a creative piece that could be used to teach children about a given science topic
3-a creative piece, like one of the essays in Best American Science and Nature Writing 2012
4-a grant proposal for an environmental group
another informative piece that teaches your audience on a given topic and includes research

It should be a project worthy of the 21% of my grade�. All links and graphics needed should work and be a critical part of your piece .

If you are writing an article for an online or print journal, be sure to look up the submission requirements and ensure that you have followed the word limits. You must share this information with us in the audience analysis paragraph.

Please remember to include all relevant pictures, graphs etc.

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