Significantly rework the thesis of this previous paper in consideration of the perspective you gain through the research.

Hello again!
Your work was so awesome that for this last assignment no one could do it better then you! I am more than gladly to pay you the additional 20% for accepting this paper.

We will be working off the last order you did for me “The Political Rhetoric of Donald Trump” which I will attach for you. Along with the actual assignment instructions which I will briefly explain here for you also.

First, this will focus on expanding the process of inquiry through both research and revision. Going back to rethink this subject after gaining new knowledge. This will be a revision of “The Political Rhetoric of Donald Trump” to include added research. The goal is to rework and expand your ideas on this paper by locating, reading and substantially using at least TWO additional outside sources. Provide summary and analysis (including quotations) of all texts involved, develop insights and connections through critical thinking and polish it in regard to transitions of the added research.

This essay should now include the following:
-Treat a topic that arises from your interaction with the previous readings and make this obvious through discussion of both those readings.
-Significantly rework the thesis of this previous paper in consideration of the perspective you gain through the research.
-Use two peer reviewed outside sources

So basically the gist is you are “adding research” into the previous paper you wrote all while revising the intro to include the research and transitions to support the whole paper and conclusion to include the whole paper with the added research. The research can be about Donald trumps tactics or “plans” that he has i.e the wall with mexico and why all these plans may or may not actually work while providing research data to back it up.

Additionally I need you to provide two Annotated Bibliographies (Summary) of your two new sources (1 to 1 1/2 pages)

Lastly I will need an Evaluative Analysis of this final paper (1 page) that will describe your original thesis or main idea and the gist of your original essay.
-Succinctly explain the ideas you utilized from at least two outside sources
-Explain HOW bringing in the new ideas changed your original work ( 2 paragraphs minimum included into the 1 page requirement.

With the annotated bibliographies being 1 1/2 pages and the analysis of the paper after being 1 page. The remaining 3 1/2 pages are left to be the pages that are added onto the original paper with the new research

The annotated biblio’s and analysis are separate from the research paper (not included in the paper itself) but are apart of the overall research paper.

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