Tell us what they tell us about the evolution of his work?

Art and Society Final Examination Research Paper: The question is following;
Look at the three different sculptural pietas/depositions by Michelangelo-the St.Peter’s Pieta, the Florentine Deposition and Pieta Rondini. Describe and analyze exactly what is happening in each one, emotionally (what is the emotional center of the work), formally (composition, how highly they are finished. Tell us what they tell us about the evolution of his work? Which one could not be shown during Michelangelo’s lifetime? Which one is closest to Rodin’s partial figures? Which one did he alter to change its ambiguous content? How can Jacques Louis David’s Death of Marat be seen as a secular pieta? Identify Marat and compare David’s treatment of him to the history of pieta’s such as Michelangelo’s for St. Peter’s. What role did David play in the French revolution? Consult the Romantic Rebellion or Anita Brookner’s David or Hugh Honour’s Neoclassicism.

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