The articles that you review must contain some form of debate, data analysis, policy position, controversy

Rationale: Employers have stated time-and-time again that two of the most important skills for success in their organizations is 1) critical analysis and 2) communication and defense of this critical analysis. Unfortunately employers (yes, even recruiters at Smeal) find that the majority of graduates are lacking in the development of this skill-set.
The purpose of this project is three-fold: 1) Force you to review, contemplate and analyze important issues confronting Financial Markets 2) Develop a “keen eye” in terms of assessing the opinions and analysis of others when discussing these issues and 3) Develop writing competence in expressing a critique of these opinions, i.e., learning how to express your own opinions concerning the debate and interpretation of these issues.
Assignment Details: In this assignment you will be developing a writing skill that tests your ability to be both concise and comprehensive when analyzing the opinions and analysis of others. “When you are asked to write a critical review of a book or article, you will need to identify, summarize, and evaluate the ideas and information the author has presented. In other words, you will be examining another person’s thoughts on a topic from your point of view.” This is more than a simple Summary!
This source from the University of Wisconsin Writing Center does an excellent job of explaining the purpose, style and approach for writing a critical review: I have also included two examples of critical review pieces from Barron’s.
A) You are asked to write a “Critical Review” of Three articles from three different sources: 1) The Wall Street Journal, 2) Barron’s 3) The Economist. You Must Write One Review From Each Source. So, three reviews in total, one from each of these sources.
B) The articles that you review must contain some form of debate, data analysis, policy position, controversy etc. The articles may not simply be coverage or reporting on the topic.
C) As a result, you will have to do some background reading on the topic so that you can deeply understand what is being asserted by the author of your selection. YES-You Need A BIBLIOGRAPHY! You can choose the format that you prefer, APA, MLA etc. etc.
D) Your Review should be One Page-Single Spaced, with a Separate page of Bibliography, And a copy of the Article.
E) Suggested Format (this is just a suggestion—Feel FREE to develop your own approach): 2-3 sentences defining and explaining the topic, 1 Paragraph describing the key points made by the author, 1 Paragraph of the key points of your critique, i.e., counter data, illogical or unsubstantiated facts, etc. etc. and a final paragraph concluding with your suggestions either for additional research on the topic, a different policy approach, or your opinion supported by interpretation of THE FACTS.

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