The country I am representing is Mexico.

The country I am representing is Mexico. Please make sure to include a graph/table and also a bibliography. This assignment is intended to develop insight into the national interest of the nation that you will represent at the Maris Brothers Model United Nations in February 2016. As your understanding of your country’s national interest deepens, so too will your ability to assess your nation’s foreign policy goals and priorities and represent your country’s interest on a broad array of issues. For this assignment you are the Director of an independent think-tank that has a reputation for fairness and an ability to remain free of political pressure. You are therefore not a government spokesperson and you may be critical of government policy. Your briefing statement should strive for clarity and language free of nationalist rhetoric. You call it like you see it. Assignment: Your reputable think-tank has been hired to write a concise national interest statement. The first section of your report should be a snapshot status report of your country. The second part of the report should provide a clear analysis of national interest and foreign policy priorities. You will need to consider several factors including the nation’s demography, geography, resources, economy, political system, historical background and more. You will want to include an introduction, characterize the current state of economic & political development, and then assess your countries key national interests and foreign policy priorities. Length: Approximately 750-1000 words. Include a table with relevant indicators & a bibliography.

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