Theories, concepts, planning and analytical tools learned in class and from key texts must be used to support the work.

Part 2 is an individual marketing audit report of 1500 words.
You work for ABS Marketing Ltd as an account assistant representing a fashion retailer. You have
been asked to prepare a research document that will be used by the fashion retailer to write a
marketing plan.
To do this, select a fashion brand of your own choice.
The list below is provided simply as a guide:
Designer: Alexander McQueen, Mathew Williamson, Vivienne Westwood
Luxury: Burberry, Chanel, Prada, Hermes,
Mid Market: Nike High Street: Top shop, Zara, Next, Uniqlo
Department stores: Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser
Part A: Undertake detailed research into the selected retailer by paying particular attention to the
customer market segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing mix, current retail
environment, and their competition. Then, produce a marketing audit (research) report that
identifies the marketing activities and comments on their effectiveness.
The suggested structure of the report should include the following:
1- Introduction
2- Brief background/history
3- Marketing environment (Internal and External): SWOT, PESTEL & SPICC analytical tools
could be used for analysis.
4- Consumer analysis: Segmentation Targeting & Customer profile (include a mood board and
pen portrait)
5- Competitor analysis (including a perceptual positioning mapping)
6- Marketing Mix elements; (With supporting visual evidence) to include:
Product – width, depth, range, types etc.
Price – price range, architecture, entry and exit points etc.
Place – distribution network, store locations etc.
Promotion – tools used to promote and communicate with the target customer, how
integrated, above-the-line, below-the-line, etc.
People – staff, expertise, specialist, personal shoppers services, etc.
Process – refund policy, after sale service, customer relationship management etc.
Physical ambience – store/website atmospherics, visual representations, lighting,
colour, music, in-store displays etc.
6 – Conclusion.
7 – References
8 – Appendix
Please note: Theories, concepts, planning and analytical tools learned in class and from key texts
must be used to support the work.
Primary & secondary research should be clearly demonstrated.
This academic report should be written in the third person and fully referenced using the Harvard
convention style at all times.
Your report must be professionally produced in PDF or word format.
Evidence of both primary and secondary research must be shown. You will undertake research for
this project in your designated groups using a combination of personal visits, online resources in
the LCF library, print and electronic media. Regular reading of academic books, marketing and
other fashion based journals and magazines should be evidenced. Regular reading of broadsheet
business pages on fashion marketing and company articles, results and reports

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