This dataset may concern any topic, but should be of some interest to the student.

That is how the assignment sounds:
For the Final Project, each student will find a dataset of interest to them and statistically analyze
it. This dataset may concern any topic, but should be of some interest to the student.
Purpose: This assignment is meant to show the students’ ability to apply the statistical and
graphical practices that have been covered in this course.
Format: This paper must be scholarly, properly cited, and in APA format. There is no page limit
on this paper. Each project must include a title page, an abstract (100-250 words), an
introduction section (300-600 words), the mathematical work for at least two forms of statistical
analysis, at least one form of graphical analysis, a results and conclusions section (300-600
words), a reference section, and an appendix containing the dataset used.
Sources MUST be properly cited using APA format. Simply putting a website address IS NOT
properly citing. If using a print article that cannot be found online, please scan it in and attach it
as an appendix.
Assignment: Come up with a question surrounding a topic of personal interest, find a dataset that
can help answer the question, perform at least two types of statistical analysis and at least one
type of graphical analysis that help to answer the question, and write a formal report on this
The books were using: Essential of research design and methodogy by Geoffrey Marczyk and Statistics for the behavioral sciences by Frederick Gravetter.
The # of words in the project may be as low as 700-800 as required by my prof. But she wants graphs/tables& hand written solution.Contact if need more info

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