This option requires you to follow the steps below in order to complete a “Progressive Portfolio.” This plan allows you to create 1 portfolio, instead of .

Okay so you’ve found yourself behind due to life’s circumstances. Don’t worry, I have a plan that might help. This option requires you to follow the steps below in order to complete a “Progressive Portfolio.” This plan allows you to create 1 portfolio, instead of 3. You’ll create that portfolio in 3 different stages which will allow you to demonstrate your ability to perform all of the writing skills and styles required to successfully complete this course. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows: Stage 1: For the Descriptive Essay portfolio in Unit 2, you will write a description of the stage directions for the scene that you will later create in stage 2 (instructions below) of this Progressive Portfolio. The topic of that scene will be an alternate ending for The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. For this particular stage of your Progressive Portfolio, you only need to submit your stage directions into the dropboxes for the Descriptive Essay portfolio which you will find in Unit 2. However, please know that your stage directions should be a detailed description of what you want the set to look and sound like. This will include things like a setting description and an explanation of the props to be used along with details about the lighting cues and sound effects. Also, you should include a character list with a detailed description for each character. These descriptions should include details about how each character looks, acts, dresses, and speaks. Furthermore, your stage direction description should use literary devices like imagery and similes to paint a vivid picture of this scene in the mind of your readers. Stage 2: The following instructions will guide you to create a product that will satisfy the Dramatic Scene portfolio requirement of this course. For this portion, you will add to the stage directions that you created in the descriptive assignment from stage 1 above by creating a script that provides an alternate ending to The Night Thoreau Spend in Jail. This scene should present a theme, connect to the events presented in the play prior to where your new ending picks up, and reflect the same characters used in the original play. Once you are done with this script, you will want to add it to the stage directions that you created in Stage 1 and then submit that combined product into the dropboxes for the Dramatic Scene portfolio which you will find in Unit 3. Stage 3: Finally, to complete the Alternate Ending portfolio requirement of this course, you will want to begin by starting the alternate ending that you created in stage 2 with the sentence that appears on the last page of the original play. This will transition your audience from the original author’s voice to yours. Be sure to put that sentence in quotations and cite it using proper MLA format. Next you will want to read and if necessary revise your scene to ensure that all of the details needed to take this scene from page to stage are provided. For example, you may need to add in some stage directions at the end to show your audience that your scene is over or perhaps you need some more dialogue to successfully communicate your theme. Then, you will want to reread the scene from the play that comes before yours to ensure that your writing style (created by things like your writing voice, word choices, dialogue, etc.) fits in perfectly with that of Jerome Lawrence (the author of The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.) Then, that final, revised product should be complete and ready to submit. To do so just put that final scene into the Alternate Ending dropboxes provided in Unit 4.


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