Were the anticipated gains realized?

Identify a completed patient care quality improvement project. Fall PREVENTION (Proceedings of a Statewide Conference)
Select a costing model from the literature. It may be necessary to define the terms specific to the project chosen.
Brent, Robert J. (2006). Applied cost-benefit analysis. Cheltenham, UK: Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. EXCERPT BELOW
Apply the model to the project. It may be necessary to make estimates of some variables. Include any anticipated benefits to the project.Were the anticipated gains realized? Have the gains been maintained since completion of the project? If any costing methodologies were utilized be sure to include them.
Discuss the strengths and limitations, issues or concerns of the project based on the costing model.
Discuss the strengths and limitations, issues or concerns of the costing model based on the experience of applying it to the project.
Summarize what is learned about the cost of change and quality improvement activities as a result of this assignment

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