What and where are the roots of this cultural tradition?

During the Early Intermediate Period the Central Andes was occupied by a variety of distinct cultures that had developmental roots in the Chavin culture of the Early Horizon. Describe, compare and contrast the Moche and the Nasca, considering briefly their respective Chavin heritages, but focusing primarily on issues of their chronology, spatial distribution, economy, and cultural achievements such as political organization, architecture, religion, mortuary practices, settlements, art, etc. Also during the Early Intermediate Period a distinct cultural development was taking place in the south and south-central highlands that led to the Tiwanaku and Wari cultures, to impressive highland cultural accomplishments, including the rise of what archaeologists call the Middle Horizon. What and where are the roots of this cultural tradition? What is significant about its political organization, chronology, spatial distribution, economy, architecture, religion, mortuary practices, settlements, art, and other features? How did the Middle Horizon differ from the Early Intermediate Period? How did Tiwanaku (and Tiahuanaco) as well as Wari (and Huari) change internally during their history as prominent cultures and influential centers? How have their eventual collapse been explained by archaeologists? What expansive states followed Wari in Peru?

Your essay should be about 9 pages long, double-spaced, in 12 point font. The introduction should outline what you will be discussing in the body of your paper. All detail and examples supporting your points should be included in the body of the paper. A good conclusion will restate the basic points you have made in the essay.

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