What are 3 types of data that you would collect to examine the programs?

Analysis Assessment Technology

Part 1

In your opinion, how does an arts program’s success vary from a science or math program? Discuss with your class members your views on some of the benchmarks to measure the success of an arts program.

Part 2

Scenario: You and your classmates are members of a consulting group that has been asked by the principal of a fine arts private academy to do a research project. The principal would like you to conduct research that compares and contrasts the educational quality between the private fine arts academy and the local public school for learners in grades 3–8. The principal plans to use the research findings to make curriculum decisions. In the Discussion Board, consider the following with your fellow consultants:

  • What are 3 types of data that you would collect to examine the programs?
  • What specific types of instruments would you use to collect the 3 types of data? Why?
  • Do you believe that the 3 types of data are quantitative or qualitative? Provide your fellow consultants with a thorough rationale for your choices.
  • How would you state, for your client, the principal, the purpose of the research project? Why do you think this statement is appropriate to the type of investigation you anticipate?

3-4 paragraph cited


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