What are arguments for doing more to support children who are gifted and talented?

Wk4 Discussion



The Gifted and Talented: A “Special” Special Need

“… ‘gifted students are truly our forgotten children. Neglected in our schools and ignored by our policymakers, they spend their days dozing through classes in which they aren’t learning’ ” (Heward, 2009, p. 501). Many families and educators believe that children who are gifted and talented are not being adequately identified and served in many public schools today. There are no broad federal mandates, backed by government funding, that require every state to provide students identified as gifted and talented with services for their unique needs. There are few efforts to identify and meet the needs of children who possibly fall under one of the categories you have already studied and who are also gifted and talented.

Review Chapter 13 on pages 492–509 in your course textfor definitions of giftedness and talent and background information on the challenges for students and schools. Also review the article “Federal Law Drains Resources for the Gifted,” which provides valuable insights as to the attitudes prevalent in education today.

Consider the following:

  • What you have learned about children who are gifted and talented
  • What are the special needs of young children who are gifted and talented? What are the special needs of older children?
  • What are arguments for doing more to support children who are gifted and talented?
  • What are arguments against using public money for gifted programs?
  • What are the risks for these children when a school program does not meet their needs?


By Day 3:

Based on the material that you have read and with your thoughts in mind. Post the following:

  • Which, if any, of the definitions of gifted and talented should be added to IDEA as categories of special needs, and why.
  • Explain your position, pro or con, including any limits you would place on the categories of gifted and talent that would be served. Cite references from the reading to support your views

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