What are my goals in trying to live or teach by these beliefs?


Please refer to the following guidelines to assist you in completing your paper:

Outline Requirements:

Using the outline below, develop your personal philosophy in a paper to be submitted.

1. Statement of Purpose (why do we need a philosophy?)

  • Why have a philosophy with regards to education/physical education?
  • What beliefs or morals are important to me (without regards to physical education, just in general)?
  • What goals, objectives, content, and standards of conduct should I be guided by? What are my goals in trying to live or teach by these beliefs?

2. Importance of Physical Education to others and self? (Now that I have a belief system, how do I relate that to others?)

  • How will I evaluate what I teach?
  • How will I deal with those students/parents that do not have the same philosophy that I do?
  • How will I defend my belief system if challenged?

3. Review your past experiences in physical education and sport.

  • Outstanding experiences?
  • Disheartening ones?
  • What physical educator do/did you particularly admire?
  • Role models?
  • What was their philosophy?

4. How Do I feel about?

  • How do I feel about youth sports? (playing time, coaches training, abuse of children)
  • What academic requirements should be met in order to continue participation?
  • How do I feel about drug use/abuse by athletes?
  • Should you require physical education for everyone (students, employees, etc…)
  • How should I “practice what I preach” with regards to physical education?

5. Traditional Philosophies (found in your textbook, must be included in paper!)

  • Which ones are compatible with your beliefs?
  • Which ones are not, or do you disagree with?
  • How can you put these theories into practice?

6. Professionals in the field

  • What professionals in the field do you most admire? Why?
  • How are their philosophies evident in their teaching?
  • How do you think your philosophy may change throughout the years?

7. Summary

  • Tell how you plan to apply this philosophy in your career (whether in

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