What are some specific advantages of In Design compared to Photoshop and Illustrator?

please help him (graphic design people only)

Page Layout

We have been studying the creative workflow for designers. Page layout is the final step of the workflow where you combine your assets to create a finished design


Why Designers use In Design

In Design is the industry’s application of choice for creating print ready layouts. You will learn why the application is valuable to professionals.


In Design Interface

The Adobe common UI will likely help you to quickly recognize many of the tools and functions of In Design. Students will walk through the application and key features.


Assets and Frames

The primary activity in page layout is coordinating assets on a page in an effort to create a visually harmonious design. You will learn the many ways one can bring assets into the application and how frames support effective layout and quick revision.


Using the resources, write a two-page, double-spaced paper on the role of page layout and why professionals use In Design for creating layouts. Address the following questions in your research paper:

  1. Why should designs be created using In Design versus Photoshop or Illustrator?
  2. What are some specific advantages of In Design compared to Photoshop and Illustrator?

Apply MLA standards to citation of sources. View the correct MLA format for quoting or citing material from the class Learning Activities. Use the library’s resources on college writing or the MLA resource site to ensure your paper is formatted correctly.


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