What are some ways the processes could be improved?


NOTE: FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT I HAVE SELECTED A FAMILY RESTURANT (HOTDOGS). The resturant will mainly foucus on the sale of gourmet hotdogs.

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Module 1 – SLP

Productivity and Process Improvement

In this Session Long Project you will be able to use your creativity. You will choose a specific type of non-manufacturing business from the list below. You will use this business type and create your own organization around it. In each SLP module you will create issues about the specific Operations Management topic and discuss these issues and how you would solve them.

NOTE: When choosing your business, you need to consider that it will meet the criteria for ALL SLP assignments.

It must use inventories (Module 2), requires some effort to achieve quality (Module 3), and have the ability to expand its capacity (Module 4).

Session Long Project

Choose one of the following types of service organizations: hospital, car repair, computer repair, generic family restaurant, generic convenience store (could be a franchised store), or another organization type with Instructor Approval.

Create/Invent a company of this type. Be creative. Make this company real. Generate some numbers that specify the productivity.

Identify several key processes in a process flow diagram. (To see an example of a process flow diagram, see Section C: Plasti-Brack Information, Figure 2.)

  • Identify and discuss at least three productivity issues that this company faces. Include the various productivity ratios that would be calculated. Generate some numbers indicating the current level of productivity.
  • Identify and discuss how this company would deal with improving its productivity.
  • Discuss the key processes and how these processes would be analyzed.
  • What are some ways the processes could be improved?
  • Discuss concepts and ideas from process improvement and lean thinking.

This paper should be approximately 3–5 five pages in length counting the introduction, body, and summary. You should include references and cite them properly in the paper. Generally, at least three references should be used. Find references about productivity in your type of business. Use ProQuest. Also check IBISWorld available through the TUI library.


The SLP project in this course requires that you INVENT your own non-manufacturing company. This is your company, so be inventive and creative. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

First, make sure that it follows the guidelines specified in SLP1 – it should have some type of inventories so that you can do SLP2.

The most important aspect of inventing your company is determining the key PROCESSES. What is the work being done to provide your services to your customers? What are the repetitive processes of obtaining the materials, supplies, etc., and moving them through the company via processes to generate the outputs?

Also, consider that the business does not have to be a new startup. It works better if you invent a company that has been in business for a while. You should generate some numbers for your business. You can’t operate a business without doing the numbers. How big is it? How many customers, how many employees, what is the sales volume, what are the costs, etc. If you spend time early in SLP1 and invent the company with some numbers, you will find it easier as you move through the other SLPs.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • First discuss some background about your company. You can give it a name. How big is the organization – people, size, etc.? What is its mission? Who are its customers?
  • Then identify at least one area of concern for productivity. Identify at least three productivity measures. While it is not required, if you want, you can also create some numbers and show the calculation of the productivity measures.
  • Identify the key processes. What are the steps involved in the processes? Do the processes interact?
  • What are some possible ways that these processes could be improved for productivity? Consider how you can produce more output and/or reduce the inputs, so that you can increase productivity.
  • What are some problems or issues that you might encounter as you attempt to change the processes? How could you overcome these problems/issues?

Review all of the resources for this module. Use them to help you create/invent iss

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