What are the advantages of working in this career specialization?

Hi my name is Luke here is my assignment. 5-8 pages double spaced and have to use a minimum of 8 sources (6 websites and 2 book). A bibliography has to be included but will not count for one of the pages. My topic is PR but more focusing on Corporate Public Relations, specifically Community Relations and Social Responsibility Programs (“doing good—and getting credit for it”). I will pay $50 for this to be done in one week from today. Please get back to me as soon as possible.


Below are some of the instructions for the assignment:


Here are 8 points you must include in your paper; you might find this a convenient outline to follow:

  • Give an overview of this specialization, describing the full scope of activities and where the specialization can be found. Important:  Describe each of the specializations if more than one assigned.
  • How did this particular PR specialization develop historicallyWho are key historical figures?
  • What are the advantages of working in this career specialization? What are the disadvantages?
  • What communications activities are the same when compared with other types of PR?  What activities make this type of PR different or special?
  • Are there special skills or advanced training needed to gain employment in this career area?
  • What kind of salary might one earn in this specialization?
  • What are the prospects for the future?  Is this a growth area?  What evidence can you give for your prediction?
  • Based on your research:  Is this career path of interest to you personally?  Why or why not?

(Here give your personal opinion and it can be expressed in the first person: “I”.)


Note: As you conduct your literature and online research for this paper, collect or keep track of interesting case studies about this specialization that might be used later by your group in the oral presentation. This will save some time in the next assignment. (A good source for this is the list of “Silver Anvil” winners on the PRSA website.)


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