What are the benefits for leaders and organizations?

You work in a multi-national organization that is very progressive in the training and development of their employees. Your Human Resources manager knows that you have just completed a course in your Masters degree program that focuses on diversity consciousness. She has asked you to develop a proposal for a workshop for new hires within the organization to educate them on leading trends in diversity conscious leadership.

Be creative and design a workshop/seminar proposal for your workplace or your intended workplace. Please reference scholarly sources to support your ideas. A sample article is attached. Include the following information:

A brief rationale about the importance of diversity consciousness for leaders as well as organizations.

o Why is it important?
o What are the benefits for leaders and organizations?
o Key theories that support it?

Description of key skills of diversity conscious leaders

Reducing barriers to diversity

Two teambuilding exercises on diversity management (one for large groups, one for small groups). Include instructions or details for participants and facilitator. In addition, please include the weblink for the teambuilding exercises if you found it online.

Recommendations for continued workshop topics for leaders in the field of diversity

Recommendations for strategies that address differences/preferences for inclusiveness that vary by age and gender.

Please provide in-text citations in APA format for any resources you utilize as well as a list of references. In addition, please provide the permalink for the articles you found through MSU online libraries.

Directions for adding permalink: When you select a full text article in the MSU online database, you can access permalink on the right hand side of the page (under tools) before you click on the article. After selecting permalink, it will provide a link at the top of the page (underneath the search tab). Cut and paste the

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