What are the parts, processes, or pieces that can add value to the alliance or merger/ acquisition?

Write a two to three page paper that addresses the following audit exercise, found at the end of the chapter. Include an introductory paragraph about the business you have chosen, its mission, and its immediate M.T.I goals


Audit Exercise Chapter 7: This exercise involves assessing value analysis and costs in acquiring new technology or the company buying a smaller firm.  Includes the information phase, speculation phase, evaluation and analysis phase, and implementation phase:The implementation task can be large, but it is possible to make the changes needed. Keeping track of what has been done and what needs to be done to integrate the various systems and processes of two entities can be daunting. One method often suggested is a value analysis process. The purpose of most alliances is to add value, and all organizations want to add value to themselves and to the marketplace. Value analysis answers the following questions:

  •  What are the parts, processes, or pieces that can add value to the alliance or merger/ acquisition?
  •  What does the alliance do or what is it supposed to do?
  •  How much will the alliance cost (money, time, people, and other resources)?
  •  Is there any other way to get the technology in a more effective or efficient way?
  •  How much will the alternative cost (money, time, people, and other resources)?

The value analysis itself is a four-phase process.

  • 1. Information phase: Define the problem.
  • 2. Speculation phase: Generate ideas that could work.
  • 3. Evaluation and analysis phase: Analyze the ideas based on cost, feasibility, and goal attainment potential.
  • 4. Implementation phase: Propose how to implement the integration or idea that is best for the organization and the conditions.

If your organization were to acquire new technology by buying a smaller entrepreneurial firm, what actions would you suggest in each of the four phases to ensure that your firm would get the desired synergies?




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