What are the reasons that make it an ethical/moral issue or issues?

Review the ER Dilemma case. Review The Ethical Framework documentation. You are the President of Central Medical Center hospital who was turned down by the Mayor and the City Council and other hospitals for financial support. When leading discussions to find solutions to this complex dilemma, five questions were raised. You will provide insightful answers to the following five questions which will be reviewed and discussed by the hospital staff assisting in decision making: Question 1: What is/are the ethical/moral issue(s) presented in the ER Dilemma case? What are the reasons that make it an ethical/moral issue or issues? Question 2: Who are the direct and indirect stakeholders? For each stakeholder group, what is at stake, what are their interests, who will be hurt, and who will benefit? Question 3: Provide two options to address the issue(s) and support your options with reasoning applying the Objective Ethical Framework. Make sure that the broader consequences of ethical decisions and the resultant harms and benefits to stakeholders are taken into consideration. Question 4: Re-evaluate available options. What are alternative options besides the one(s) you have chosen? Please name at least two alternative options. Question 5: Rank all the options you have mentioned above in order of importance. Provide reasoning on the ranking, especially on your top option. Paste the above questions and your answers in a Word document. You should follow APA guidelines for references and title page formatting.

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