What are the responsibilities of each part of the system?

Essay questions


How does the federal bureaucracy implement policy within the federal government? Give a specific example. Here does the bureaucracy get its power? 200 words



Explain the structure of the federal judicial system. What are the responsibilities of each part of the system? 200 words and references



Who holds the federal bureaucracies accountable for their actions? How are the held accountable? 200 words and references




What legal and political influences can affect the decisions of judges? How does the judiciary play a part in policymaking? 200 words and references


Discuss how government intervention promotes efficiency and equality in the economy. Be sure that you include restraint of trade, indirect costs, deregulation and overregulation within your analysis


Explain how the federal government promotes business, labor, and agriculture in the United States. Also, describe how the federal government uses it monetary policy as an economic management tool. 200 words and references.




Discuss the various ways federal, state and local governments attempt to promote education as equality of opportunity. What are the some positives and negatives you see in the involvement of government in education system? 200 words and references





How does the United States differ in providing economic security to its citizens from that of the European democracies?


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