What are the responsibility of the systems analysts when training users?

Structured Analysis Short Essay Questions

Please answer the follwing seven short essay questions within 90 minutes.


Question 1.1.Some experts believe that IT managers must understand all phases of the business; that’s why companies should fill top management vacancies by promoting IT managers. Please present arguments for and against this proposition.


Question 2.2.List and explain 5–6 major activities in the project management life cycle.


Question 3.3. Please explain the meaning of a balanced DFD. What are its main principles?


Question 4.4. What is decomposition, and why is it needed? What is the tool used to depict the decomposition of a system?


Question 5.5. What attributes would you need to describe an entity called VIDEO for a video store? Also, what would you use as the primary key? What would the relationship be between the VIDEO and STORE entity?


Question 6.6. How would you describe a programmer’s primary responsibilities and contribution to the quality of the finished product?


Question 7.7. What are the responsibility of the systems analysts when training users?

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