What are the struggles with regard to a healthy body weight?

Question 1. What are the struggles with regard to a healthy body weight?


Question 2.  For those of you who have already read this week’s material, why is the apple distribution more susceptible to health problems than the pear? Who can describe the waist-to-hip ratio? What are its advantages? Are there any disadvantages?


question 3. There are 3 components related to energy expenditure: BMR or basal metabolic rate, TEF or the thermic effect of food, and physical activity (which varies according to the individual).The first one, BMR can vary among people. What factors affect BMR? What percentage does it represent from the total 100% of energy expenditure?

How many calories do you think you need each day?




Question 4. What causes one to have an eating disorder?


Question 5. it looks like you have identified emotional eating as one reason why we choose the food we eat. What about eating in response to stress? Do you think they are the same?


Question 6. What role does culture play in what we choose to eat?




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