What are the theories about the significance of cave art and the Venus figurines?

250 words each (NEED PERFECT) if done perfectly then i will hire same tutor for whole semester

Option A: (250 words)

Option A is a creative assignment.  We’ve learned about creation stories and the essential elements of primal religions. Now I want to learn a new one, from you.  Write your own cosmogony, with or without atheogony. Be sure your cosmogony includes an etiology.  You are in essence creating a religion and its creation story. Keep in mind what we have learned so far.


Option B:(250 words)

View the art work and read the descriptions at http://arthistoryresources.net/willendorf/willendorfdiscovery.html

and http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/plaintexthistories.asp?historyid=ab20


Then, Then visit the following site and browse through more art and data:




Finally, post a thoughtful response to these questions:  What are the theories about the significance of cave art and the Venus figurines? What do the art and sculptures tell us about the societies that created them? What, if anything, can we say about the position of women from viewing the Venus Figurines? Relate the material to our textbook discussion of primal religions (and any other information you would like to share). You may include images in your posts.


Option C:(250 words)

After reading the information at the links I have provided below, discuss the history of the Maya paying particular attention to their calendar system, religion, and the Ball Game.  Discuss the role human/blood sacrifice had in their society.  Why did they believe that human and blood sacrifice was so necessary?



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