What are your thoughts about a new piece of legislation?

HSHA 434 – Research Paper

Getting Started

As we have seen from the number of cases reviewed, the potential for liability, which can be based on a number of legal theories, can be overwhelming.

Choose topic to research: “If you could add, change, or modify something in the healthcare industry to reduce the risk of liability, what would it be, and what would you do?”
o Relevant and supporting cases
o Relevant and supporting law
o What is the overall objective?
o What are your recommendations?

Things to Question, Discuss, and Include

I want to see the use of the constitution, local, state, and federal law, common law, statutes, public policies, private policies, mandates, etc. all of which WILL be at your disposal.

Reference cases that are aligned with your research.

Use articles from scholarly sources (journals, peer reviews, etc.)

Discuss why something will or will not work.

What are your thoughts about a new piece of legislation? What are your thoughts concerning a new process?

How does this affect healthcare? Does it affect healthcare? Does it conflict with a federal or state law? Is it unethical? Is someone’s right to privacy violated? What does it affect? Discuss it.

What are the pros and cons?

How will you address the opposition?

What are your recommendations (public policy, hospital policy, corporate policy, statutes, legislation, etc.)? What is the answer? I am not referring to someone else’s recommendation or answer. Support your recommendation.

Paper Formatting

1. The paper must contain at least 8 full-length pages.

2. 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced text, and one-inch margins all around.

3. Include page numbers.

4. Adhere to a recognized writing style for formatting citations throughout the paper, and the bibliography.

5. Your final paper must contain the following parts, in order:

Title Page: This should contain paper title, course/section number, your name, professor’s name, and the date.
Introduction (not a thesis statement)
Main body

6. Provide transitions to the next topic/subject matter that are clear.

7. Have clear topics introducing the subject matter being discussed.

8. The title page, table of contents (if you decide to include one), and bibliography DO NOT count toward the required page total.

Grading: Among other things, your paper will be graded partially for its substance, the information used from the sources cited, and the quality of content in your paper.

Point Deductions: Among other things, points will be deducted for the following:
• Misspelled words, incorrect use of words, missing or incorrect use of commas (colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, etc.).
• Incorrect syntax (sentence structure).
• Obvious overuse of small paragraphs (as a means of taking-up space and filling-up the page), and obvious creation of space (as a means of taking-up space and filling-up the page).
• Ten (10) points will be deducted for every page not completed. Keep in mind, this paper is a required eight-page minimum. So, for example, if you only submit 6 pages, twenty (20) points will automatically be deducted; ten points for each missing page.

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