What communication might be more suitable for a telephone call versus using email?


Electronic media has advanced in conjunction with other historical changes, making it difficult to assess the unique contributions of electronic media to culture and society. Electronic media are only the latest in a series of technologies that have expanded our ability to communicate with one another. We have seen that visionaries described technologies that would transmit sounds and pictures over great distances long before the realization of these dreams was technically possible.

After reading Chapters 12, 13, and 14 and all supplemental materials, discuss your opinions about the Internet and include responses to the following statements and questions.

How do you prefer to conduct long-range communication? Do you prefer email or the telephone? What communication might be more suitable for a telephone call versus using email?

Many smartphone users use only a few apps for their phones. Are you one of those people as described by the textbook? Why?

How much do you worry about using the Internet and the potential for loss of privacy due to sophisticated technologies of eavesdropping, tracking, and recording?

Is the loss of some privacy a fair price for the increased communications capabilities made possible by today’s electronic technologies?

Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited.

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