What comparisons could you make to show the differences from past movements?

Essay #4 (“An Eye on Impressionism”)
Synthesis & Intro to Research

Synthesis: using two (or more) things to make a new claim. To do this, you analyze each work and try to make connections among the things. In synthesis, you come to your own unique conclusions based on your observations of and interpretation of multiple items such as different works of art or written works.

Observe the paintings of the Impressionist painters and decide your ideas on the following:
What is the subject matter of their work? (Who? Where? When/What time of the day?)
What are the formal qualities of the Impressionists? What kinds of materials or artistic media (e.g. oil paint, pastel, charcoal, clay, metal) did they use? How did they use them (i.e. techniques with paint)—how does that compare to previous styles (e.g. Renaissance, Romanticism)?
What seems to be the “focus” of their work? How are they setting themselves apart from other movements? Is there anything interesting about the compositions? What comparisons could you make to show the differences from past movements?
What do you know about how popular or well-known this art is today? How much are these pieces worth? Do you know how they were received at first? How do these paintings affect you? Why?

Since you are not experts on this topic, you will also be integrating research into your conclusions about the Impressionist art movement.

Your paper should:

Be typed with 1 inch margins, aligned-left, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point and MLA format with a correct header

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