What decision analysis tool would help Stephanie with the HVAC decision?

Using Excel and the data provided in the case, work in your teams to assist Stephanie in choosing a project.  Use the following questions:

  • What decision analysis tool would help Stephanie  with the HVAC decision? What kind of information aqnd asumption will she need for this decision?
  • What additional information would help with the analysis?
  • What should Stephanie suggest as the best tree option and as the best tile replacement option?
  • With the options available to her, which projects should Stephanie pursue in what order and for what reasons?
  • How should Stephanie present her analysis to managers so that she can gain stakeholder buy in?
  • Is this a profit generating or cost reduction opportunity for Stephanie and HealthCare? Ist there evidence of CSR playing an important role in either cost reduction or profit improvement for businesses since 2000?

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