What do juvenile court statistics show about youth crime in the United States?

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Textbook: Bartollas, Miller., Juvenile Justice in America, 7th Ed., Pearson, 2014



01. Give an overview of the early history of juvenile justice and how it came to be formed in the United States.


02. Explain the concept of “parens patriae.”


03. Compare and contrast the four models devised by the juvenile justice system to deal with youth crime.


04. Identify and describe the different types of research methodologies used to collect data on juvenile crime and offenders.


05. What do the UCR’s generally show about youth crime in the United States?


06. What do juvenile court statistics show about youth crime in the United States?


07.  Summarize in your own words the history of police-juvenile relationships as presented in the text.


08.  Describe police discretion and the factors that influence discretion.


09.  Describe in detail the legal rights of arrested juveniles.


10.  Summarize in your own words the developing trends in how police deal with juveniles.




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