What do you predict will happen to your currency?

Please follow the instructions below to visit the IMF and World Bank websites to collect data and then perform a…

Please follow the instructions below to visit the IMF and World Bank websites to collect data and then perform a SWOT Analysis. This project is worth 190 points and is due in 6 12 hours 

  1. http://www.imf.org/external/index.htm
  2. Move your arrow to data and then click on IMF eLibrary-Data.
  3. Click on a dark gray box titled External Sector.
  4. Click on Balance of Payments and International Investment Position.
  5. You will see the Current Account Surplus graph for the top 10 countries and the Current Account Deficit for the top 10 countries. Make note of this for comparison
  6. Click on By Country.
  7. Click on the box labeled Country.
  8. Scroll down to your country and click.
  9. A table titled BOP Analytic Presentation will pop up, go to the gear in the upper right-hand corner and click on it, you can then export this table.
  10. In the tabs above click on IIP Summary Presentation. This is your country’s International Investment Position. Again, export this table for analysis in your paper.
  11. Go back to the IMF eLibrary-Data page under External Sector and click on Direction of Trade Statistics.
  12. Make note of the summary of trade graphs for comparison. Again, go to By Country and find the graphs for your country.
  13. Go back to the External Sector page and click on Exchange Rates, find the summary graphs for comparison, and then your country’s graph through the By Country
  14. Do the same thing for International Financial Statistics.
  15. After you have completed exporting graphs for External Sector, then click on the box titled Real Sector.
  16. For the Real Sector, export the graphs for both comparison and your country for Prices, Production, Labor and Population.
  17. After you have completed exporting graphs for Real Sector, then click on the box titled Financial Sector.
  18. For the Financial Sector, export the graphs for both comparison and your country for the following areas:
    1. Financial Access Indicators,
    2. Financial Soundness Indicators,
    3. Monetary and Financial Statistics,
    4. Interest Rates and Share Prices.
  19. Since there is no By Country data for the Fiscal Sector, please ignore this.
  20. Now that you have financial data, please go to the World Bank website at worldbank.org. Go to Data and then find basic development indicators by going to your country. Download this information.
  21. Last but not least, please find political risk indicators for your country. Go to the World Bank’s World Governance Indicator website at http://info.worldbank.org/governance/wgi/index.aspx#countryReports and look up the political risk measures for your country.
  22. Now that you have a well-rounded look at your country, please write a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for your country SPECIFIC to its exchange rate. How will all the information collected contribute to the appreciation or depreciation of your currency against the USD? Please see the rubric below as to how it will be graded.
Name: Points Possible
Final Project – International Finance  
Fall 2015  
Grade Sheet  
190 points total  
IMF data  
External Sector  
·      Balance of Payments and Comparison 6
·      IIP and Comparison 6
·      Direction of Trade and Comparison 6
·      Exchange Rate and Comparison 6
·      International Financial Statistics and Comparison 6
Real Sector  
·      Prices Production Labor and Population and Comparison 6
Financial Sector  
·      Financial Access Indicators and Comparison 6
·      Financial Soundness Indicators and Comparison 6
·      Monetary and Financial Statistics Indicators and Comparison 6
·      Interest Rates and Share Prices and Comparison 6
World Bank data  
·      World Development Indicators (6 graphs) 12
Worldwide Governance Indicators  
·      Voice and Accountability 3
·      Political Stability and Absence of Violence 3
·      Government Effectiveness 3
·      Regulatory Quality 3
·      Rule of Law 3
·      Control of Corruption 3
SWOT Analysis  
·      Strengths 25
·      Weaknesses 25
·      Opportunities 25
·      Threats 25
o   Pertains to Exchange Rate only  
·       Comprehensive analysis of trends and abnormal results.  
·       Use World Development Indicators  
·       Use Worldwide Governance Indicators  
·       Comprehensive analysis – What do you predict will happen to your currency?  
More than 10 pages written, not including graphs. -20
Less than 5 pages written, not including graphs -20
Grammar, Spelling, Reference, and Usage mistakes 0.25 points per each occurrence
No Reference Page -25
Format mistakes five points per each occurrence
·      12 point font  
·      Double-spaced  
·      1 inch margins  
·      No page numbers  
·      No NAME in the file  

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