What do you suppose is the motivation of the interviewer?

Diversity and Social Justice in the Interview ( one page) asap

The workplace today benefits from inclusion, with explicit laws and policies to support diversity and social justice. Nonetheless, the workplace interview can develop for a candidate into a situation that may be objectionable, threatening, offensive or inherently discriminatory — even if the interviewer does not intend it so.



Your assignment:


Consider a difficult question or line of inquiry, challenging your sense of diversity and social justice, that you as a candidate might receive in an interview.


-What do you suppose is the motivation of the interviewer?


-Discuss your take on such a question or line of inquiry. What do you see as your appropriate response?


-What alternatives might you have, either during the interview or as follow-up?


Be as explicit as you can. Reflect upon your own prior experience and the experiences of others known to you.


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