What do you think can be done to provide some relief to their struggle?

After watching the video “30 days – Minimum Wage” and seeing what a person working and making minimum wages goes through in day to day life, what insight have you gained concerning the issue of the “working poor”.


In the video it represents the adults without children who are struggling.  What issues did you learn that would be added to the situation when children are involved?


Would it be more difficult with or without children? Please explain.


If you or someone you knew were in this situation, what advice would you have or action you would take to make the situation better? Please provide a list of resources you would access (food banks, skill center, etc.) to assist with the situation and where you would find them (internet, library, asking others, etc.)


Overall, what are your thoughts about our working poor population and what do you think can be done to provide some relief to their struggle?


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