What does the American Dream mean in today’s world?

What does the American Dream mean in today’s world? Is it still feasible or merely a myth in 2015? Establish your understanding of what the Dream is and use Brandon King’s “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?” and Cal Thomas’s “Is the American Dream Over?” to help illustrate your argument. Develop a “hook” that will draw your reader’s attention. Provide a three-to-four sentence summary of the articles in the introduction, and make certain to introduce the title of the articles and its respective writer. Use at least ONE secondary source outside the article. This source should reflect the views of critics of literature as well as the informative views of expert opinion and use academic sources not wiki etc . Make sure that the sources relate to your argument making certain to maintain third-person point of view. Merely summarizing the plays or articles will earn you a D at best. Rather, I want a consistent, convincing argument that draws parallels between your subject and the work you examine.

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